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      信息來源:www.cuifei001.com    發布時間:2022-3-15
      Merger creates company with combined revenues of more than EUR 1.7bn
      Transaction expected to close in early March 2019
      Truly global footprint through comprehensive sales and distribution platform
      Singapore and Lynge, Denmark – February 14, 2019: The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the merger between Sivantos Pte. Ltd. (“Sivantos”), owned by EQT funds, and Widex A/S (“Widex”), owned by T&W Medical A/S.
      新加坡和丹麥Lynge – 2019年2月14日:歐洲聯盟委員會批準了西萬拓Sivantos(由EQT基金擁有)和唯聽Widex A/S(由T&W醫療A/S公司擁有)兩家公司的合并提案。
      Sivantos offers a diverse portfolio of technologically advanced hearing aid products across brands like Signia, Audio Service, Rexton and others. Widex’ portfolio of products includes a range of sophisticated hearing aid technology with a focus on the high-end segment.
      西萬拓Sivantos旗下擁有源自西門子聽力的西嘉Signia、奧德聲Audio Service、力斯頓Rexton等品牌,提供先進的助聽器產品組合,唯聽Widex產品組合包括一系列尖端助聽器技術,并主打高端助聽器產品。
      The Commission concluded the merger would raise no competition concerns. The merger has already been approved in all other relevant jurisdictions.
      “Our goal at Widex has always been to develop the best possible hearing aids to improve the life of those with hearing needs. The merger with Sivantos brings us one step closer to that goal by building a company with one of the strongest research and development resources in the business and the sales channels to ensure our innovative products reach as many people as possible,” said Jan Tøpholm, Chairman of Widex A/S.
      唯聽Widex A/S公司董事長Jan Tøpholm表示:“唯聽Widex一直以科技研發為己任,并致力于改善聽障人士的生活質量?!?,“與西萬拓集團的合并極大地擴展了雙方的業務資源和銷售渠道,讓我們離目標又進了一步,從而讓我們的創新產品可以夠幫助更多的聽障人士?!?/span>
      “The merger between Widex and Sivantos is a transformative combination and unique opportunity to drive innovation through one of the most dynamic R&D teams in the industry to benefit the more than 700 million people with hearing needs,” said Marcus Brennecke, Global Co-Head of EQT Private Eq
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